Sunday, 5 April – Service Content

Sunday, 5 April – Service Content

As usual, we started off this virtual service with our now traditional Zoom call.

Kids & Teens

Here’s a quick video for parents to watch as preparation for teaching the younger members of our church this morning:

And here’s an introduction video for the kids:

You can download the printable worksheets here:

We have also compiled a slideshow and some additional content that you can go through a well. It also includes links further videos to watch as you go, including teaching and songs:

Finally, here’s a recap of the story we learnt about today:


A video to prepare you for the service:

The sermon for this week is part 1 in a series in the gospel of John, where we’ll be spending some time thinking together about why it is that Easter is something to celebrate:

Here are links to a few of the previous sermons that are relevant and mentioned in there:

If you can’t watch the video or would rather just listen to it, you can play the audio here:

Kids & Teens

Matt has assembled some music to complement the message from this morning:


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