Good Friday, 10 April – Service Content

Good Friday, 10 April – Service Content

After kicking off this Good Friday service with our church Zoom call (link sent out in the WhatsApp group), we can continue with family worship and learning in our homes.

Kids & Teens

Here’s a quick video for parents to watch as preparation for teaching the younger members of our church this morning:

You can download the printable worksheets here, along with a craft for the younger kids and an explanation for how it works:

And here’s the extended lesson content, including teaching materials, games, videos, and questions. The Bible reading is John 18:28 – 19:42.

This is linked from that PDF, but here’s a handy video of today’s Bible story:


The sermon for this week is part 2 in a series in the gospel of John, where we’re spending some time thinking together about why it is that Easter is something to celebrate:

The Bible reading for this sermon is John 19:16b-42.

If you can’t watch the video or would rather just listen to it, you can play the audio here:

Good Friday: Contrasts from the Cross


Matt has assembled some music to complement the message from this morning:

And a new song we haven’t sung before at Southern Cross:


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